Emotional Healing
  • Have you ever suffered emotional trauma?
  • Are you currently stuck in your grief & you don’t know how to move on in life?
  • Are you limited by your own fears that has prevented you from exploring your world?
  • Are you going through some “guilt” and “shame” due to past mistakes/failures?
  • Do you feel lonely & lost?
  • Do you feel abandoned & rejected?
  • Do you need some direction & clarity?
  • Are you suffering from disenfranchised grief?
  • Have you come to a fork on the road and “if you ride on the left, you will lose your horse” and “if you ride to the right, you will lose your head?”

If your answer to one or more of the above questions is yes, then emotional healing maybe your missing puzzle.

Research reveals that emotional  and physical fatigue can lead to nervous breakdown or burn out. Human beings are like a flat battery that need  constant recharged in order to perform at its maximum capacity. Hence, emotional healing is one of the ways to recharge  physically emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. It brings healing from the past mistakes, shame and painful memories and empower you to move on into your desirable dream and destiny.

Psychiatrist believes that more than 75% of the patients in our hospitals are admitted because of emotional upset caused by strain, stress and painful memories and that being rich or being a professional does not except us from nervous breakdown/emotional wound.

Guilt is one of the most destructive causes of ill health, nervous breakdowns and suicide.”


As humans, when  we violate our  conscience, values & standard, it is very hard to leave in our  own skin.Millions of people go down to the grave with lots of emotional burden, sorrow, regret, guilt and shame.

Hence, at Discovery Coaching Institute, we “gently hold your hands” and walk with you through your “road to recovery” through coaching, counselling and mentoring.

We teach, train and guide our clients on how to be the best version of themselves, by letting go of their past failures and mistakes and embracing their “glorious future and destiny.”

Hence, if all this resonates with you, why don’t you call us and book for a complementary emotional healing session through contact us  by email or give us a call


Ninety nine percent of failures comes from people who have a habit of making excuses.

                                                                            – By George Washington Carver.

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