Smoke Cessation

Many a smoker have tried to quit the habit.  Some have succeeded, and others have failed miserably.  Some have been able to stop for a short time and went back to their old habits.  Those who fail have a similar thought in mind: how to quit smoking and be able to keep their promise to stop.  But what can be done to ensure success in quitting the smoking habit?  Where does one begin the journey to being smoke-free?

How to quit smoking is never an easy question to answer, nor is it an easy task to finish.  However, to reach the goal of finally being smoke-free, one has to be decided and willing to keep to his goal.  And for a person to push through with these plans, he must take it gradually.  Such is the mistake of most quitters who’ve turned “cold turkey” on their plans to stop smoking.

Participant in this course will engage in practical and effective ways to stop smoking. Register your interest in our event tab or contact us for next session.

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