Career Coaching

Career coaching has been touted as a cutting edge resource for life success by in both personal and business organization. Research reveals that people will change career at least 10times before the age of 30 years in this 21stcentury. Hence, career coaching is paramount in creating your own dream job that will boost up your passion and give you life fulfillment and satisfaction.

So, What then, is our role as a  career coach at discovery coaching institute?

  1. Discovery Coaching Institute, coach our clients to discover their passion.
  2. We also, coach our clients to set realistic career goals and encourage them to meet the deadlines for their goals.
  3.  As a career coach, we empower and encourage our clients to pursue their new passion/career
  4. Lastly, we do a prompt weekly follow up mentoring via phone calls, emails, Webner, and Facebook and provide appropriate resources to enhance your learning.

Hence, if you are interested in turning your passion to profession, and if you are ready to pursue your dream job, why can’t you call us and book for your complimentary coaching session or email us at

“Man is only truly great when he acts from the passions.”        Benjamin Disraeli

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