Anointing For Exploits – David O. Oyedepo


This book will take you into a world of exploits by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It’s an adventure into a world of supernatural insights, taking you where you belong in God. This is because with freshness and precision, Dr. David Oyedepo has brought us the spiritual and social relevance of the anointing.


Author: David O. Oyedepo

Everyone born of God is born an overcomer, and is by heritage destined to live a triumphant life (1 Jn. 5:4). No child of God should be struggling to survive or be a liability, when he should be an asset to the kingdom of God and an asset to his generation. God has created you, not for troubles, but for triumph.

However, there is what you must encounter to establish your desired breakthroughs. It is God’s provision for your manifestation as His son. When businessmen operate under it, they become irresistible. When pastors get connected to it, they never lack what to teach their congregations; neither can their messages lack power and potency.

There is something about the anointing: it removes strains, eradicates stress and refreshes you. It also ensures that you ascend your God-ordained throne, where everything answers to you at all times. There is, therefore, no substitute for the anointing, because its absence signals the presence of frustration.

In this book, you will also get to discover:
– Who the Holy Spirit is and His divine mission to the saints
– The mystery of the seven spirits of God
– What the anointing is and how to operate in it
– Practical dimensions of the anointing and how to contact it.


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